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Healthy and Vital

Naturally Healthy

By spending a holiday in the Hotel CESTA GRAND, you’re doing something good for your body. And it has earned it.

The Gasteiner Ache (Gastein River) falls into the valley over more than 200 meters of elevation and three drops. The falls offer not only spectacular natural scenery, they also have a curative effect – respiratory illnesses are eased, due to the atomization of the water and the negative ion-enriched air. The famous Gastein Heilstollen galleries – the health center for radon therapy – is also near the Hotel CESTA GRAND. Riding into its tunnels on a regular basis eases pain and stabilizes the immune system. The Hotel CESTA GRAND combines soothing therapy treatments with the comfort of a 4****superior hotel, plus a wide range of wellness and sports activities. We offer you spa treatments, therapeutic baths, exercise therapy, curative and special massages, as well as medical supervision – and thus everything that does a body good.

Beauty and Wellness

A Time Out for Body and Soul

Treat yourself to a comprehensive pampering program that stimulates all of your senses and replenishes your energy reserves.

Your body performs extraordinary services for you every single day. So take some time for yourself, to thank your body and bestow it with renewed energy. This is best accomplished with a loosening, soothing massage in the wellness, beauty and health center of our 4****superior Hotel CESTA GRAND. Because our masseurs have this relaxation thing well in hand, they’ll pamper you with hot stones or fragrant oils. The soothing and purifying cosmetic treatments we provide in our beauty center are just as enjoyable – they’re tailored to your individual type and let you look refreshed and radiant again.

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Cure in Gastein

The Healing Power of Nature

People have known about the healing power of the water in Bad Gastein for centuries, and it is used for the Gastein spa treatments to this day.

The sources of Bad Gastein’s healing waters are 17 springs which were already renowned in the Roman times, some 2000 years ago. While people used to believe in a friendly “Spirit of the Spring”, radon was discovered in the water in 1904. This gas helps ease rheumatism, arthritis, respiratory illnesses and skin conditions. You, too, can use these clinically documented effects during a spa holiday in the 5-star CESTA GRAND Hotel, including transports into the famous Gastein “Heilstollen” (healing tunnels) and pleasant radon baths. All of our spa treatments are administered and supervised by our team of physicians and specialized medical professionals.

Health care treatments at the highest level

“Mental and physical well-being increasingly gain centre stage of the human consciousness – an investment in your health is definitely worth it.”

Ronald Terzer
Director of the Hotel Cesta Grand

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Miesbichlstraße 20, 5640 Bad Gastein
t. 0043 6434 2526 0
f. 0043 6434 2526 262

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